Terms and conditions

  1. In consideration of payment of the advertising fee of $2,000/1,000/995/995/495/450, Mediasphere agrees
    to grant the advertiser the right to place their advertising promotion on the eBusiness Network website
    in the following manner:

    • The Home Page Platinum advertiser’s logo, web link and marketing message is placed in the premium
      place on the page alongside the banner in the top right corner.
      The Home Page Platinum Advertiser receives:
      • promotion at the top and bottom of the page;
      • features on ALL pages with 100% visibility; and
      •  up to 6 business categories.

    • The Home Page Gold advertiser’s logo, web link and marketing message is placed in a premium place on the page (the top right banner); and the Home Page Gold advertiser will have their advertising promotion placed on all pages with 50%1 visibility and receive up to 6 business categories.

    • The Home Page Silver advertiser’s logo, web link and marketing message is placed on the bottom banner on the page.
      The Home Page Silver advertiser is entitled to:
      • place an advertising promotion on the Home Page of the eBusiness Network;
      • place an advertising promotion in 6 business category pages with 50% visibility.

  2. The advertiser will provide the artwork and content to be used in the advertising promotion to be placed on the eBusiness Network website.

  3. In placing an advertising promotion on the eBusiness Network website, Mediasphere and its partners will:
    • not be liable for any content or misrepresentation of the content provided in good faith by the business members or sponsors and displayed on the eBusiness Network;
    • not be liable for any offers, promotions, promises made, and
    • not be liable for transactions, which take place between the advertisers, business members, chiropractors, suppliers and parties accessing the site and
    • pass the proposed advertisement on to the eBusiness Network Administrator who will approve or reject advertisement applications. The parties acknowledge that the decision of the eBusiness Network Administrator is final.

  4. The advertisement will be for the period of 12 months. At the end of the 12 month period, the parties may agree to extend this agreement by a further 12 months upon receipt of a further advertising fee.

  5. The parties agree that the advertising fee is non-refundable. The parties acknowledge that the advertiser may request, in writing, that its content be removed from the eBusiness Network. In such an event, no advertising money will be reimbursed.

  6. The advertiser may upgrade its advertising during the 12 month period subject to additional charges relating to the required level of advertisting, and subject to the availability of the requested level of advertising. The Advertiser will be required to provide the artwork and content. Mediasphere will provide one free review of the content before going live. Subsequent revisions will be charged at $130+GST per hour.

  7. The Advertiser may renew its advertisement as follows:
    • Advertisers renewal notices will be issued electronically after 11 months.
    • Advertisers will be required to confirm a further 12 month contract 10 Business Days prior to the end of their existing advertisement duration. After this date the advertiser can be offered to other interested parties.

  8. The advertiser agrees that it will not include the following content in its advertising promotion material:
    • Violent content, racial intolerance, or advocacy against any individual, group or organization;
    • Pornography, adult or mature content;
    • Hacking / cracking content;
    • Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia;
    • Excessive profanity;
    • Gambling or casino related content;
    • Deceptive or manipulative content or construction;
    • Sales or promotions of weapons or ammunition;
    • Sales or promotion of beer or hard alcohol;
    • Sales or promotion of tobacco or tobacco related products;
    • Sales or promotion of prescription drugs;
    • Sales or promotion of products that are replicas or imitations of designer goods;
    • Sales or promotion of term papers and student essays; or
    • Any other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity, or infringes on the legal rights of others.

  9. Where one party is unable to carry out its obligations under this agreement due to circumstances beyond its control or which it could not have prevented, those obligations are suspended whilst those circumstances continue, provided the other party is notified and the first party uses its best endeavors to overcome the circumstances preventing its obligations from being carried out.

  10. Each party shall indemnify the other against any claims arising from any breach of the agreement by either party or any offers, promotions, false or misleading statements made by the Advertiser on the eBusiness Network website.

  11. The terms and conditions of this agreement shall not be disclosed to any third parties without the prior written consent of both parties.

  12. The rights of either party under this agreement shall not be transferable or assignable either in whole or in part.

1 50% visibility means that the programming on the site will feature the sponsor’s banner on every second page. It will alternate with one other sponsor’s banner