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Kingscliff, NSW, 2487

Business Overview:
If you believe that miracles won't happen to you then this book will change those beliefs. You'll discover that you can have your own miracles!

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Website: www.expect-a-miracle.net

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Products and Services:
*Miracles are for everybody… you don’t have to be a goody two shoes!
*Miracles will come your way, just when you don’t expect them!
*You can get what you wish for; knowing how to wish is the secret!
*To get your miracles you need to know what a miracle looks like!

To show you how easy it is, in this powerful book the “expect a miracle! man”, Dr John Hinwood, shares real life personal experiences of his friends and himself that will get you creating miracles in your own life.

, Kingscliff, 2487, NSW

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