About Us

Chironet is the electronic version of the popular Chiropractic Business Directory and Diary. The printed version of the Chiropractic Business Directory and Diary is now in its 4th edition. This year we have teamed up with award winning Mediasphere Holdings Pty Ltd to produce an outstanding resource for the Chiropractic Profession. The main aim of Chironet is to provide a business portal through which Chiropractors and their teams can; locate products or services, find and book events (conferences and seminars) and sell just about anything through our free classifieds. Chironet also gives supplicers, service providers and event organisers the ability to showcase their products and keep the profession up to date.


Chironet is owned and operated by a chiropractic Team and is dedicated to providing the best possible electronic resource. For more information please contact us at info@chironet.com.au